You want a thriving, successful lash + brow biz... but you’re stuck. You’re practising on your friends, family (and mannequin heads.) You’re following all the best on social media, watching all the Youtube Channels, yet you are honestly just so overwhelmed on how to grow your biz.  

You’re spending countless nights searching the internet, (procrastinating doing what you need to be doing which is working on your business yet finding yourself going down the rabbit hole looking at everyone else’s artistry on IG,) hoping to find that light bulb of information that will solve all of your problems. Only to realize, it doesn’t exist.  

You’re thinking you’re just lost and wonder if you can even do this; like really do this. You honestly don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to growing your clientele, growing your business and hiring staff and are frustrated because you feel that the industry is so saturated and everyone is better than you, but you just can’t quite give up yet...  


You feel there are so many lash artists already out there making a living, that you couldn’t possibly compete with them or stand out. You feel like you won’t ever be able to really go anywhere with this, and may as well just give up and stick to your day job.  

You look at your scheduling system, and honestly, you feel frustrated. Your appointment slots are not filling up like you thought they would, or perhaps your books are full and you are ready to hire your first employee but have absolutely no clue how to properly grow your team, you are so ready but have nobody to help you. You’re frustrated because you just want OUT of this funk, and to finally be booking more clients and creating the amazing lash biz you set out to build. You want to build a reputable lash + brow biz that has your clients referring all their friends. You’re over just being another “mediocre” lash biz in your town, and you’re ready for some real results. You’re ready for your name to be the most mentioned and recommended name out there. You want ideal clients on your waitlist, and an incredible team that believes in your vision and you’re finally ready to send an SOS and make things happen.

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